Joyous Pictures of Us All!


This page is currently under construction and will eventually feature photographs from each national, state and chapter events.  We are currently soliciting photographs from WCR members regarding WCR events at the national, state and local chapter levels.  Each local WCR Chapter is encouraged to submit photographs and video from their events.

  • Take quality photographs.
  • Edit photographs - crop, lighten, caption, etc.
  • Save files in .jpg formal only.
  • Use file name as follows:  "Chapter-Event-Date-Photo#."  For example, "Columbia-StateMeeting-04012010-001."
  • Submit quality versus quantity of photographs.
  • The website will be updated shortly with instructions on how and where to send/upload the photographs.

Each chapter will be able to submit 2 slideshows which will each be 300 pixels wide (for a total of 600 pixels for two slideshows).  Instead of sending photos, you will also have the option to create a slideshow in the photo hosting site of your choice and then sending the HTML code provided by the hosting site.  By doing this, you will be able to include captions and will be able to choose the style for the presentation.  If you are using a site that allows the inclusion of audio with the photographs, it must be set to manual start (ie. slideshow does not start with audio immediately upon loading of web page).

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